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/* -*- mode: c; c-basic-offset: 8; -*-
 * vim: noexpandtab sw=8 ts=8 sts=0:
 * Copyright (C) 2004 Oracle.  All rights reserved.
 * This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or
 * modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public
 * License, version 2,  as published by the Free Software Foundation.
 * This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
 * but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
 * General Public License for more details.
 * You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public
 * License along with this program; if not, write to the
 * Free Software Foundation, Inc., 59 Temple Place - Suite 330,
 * Boston, MA 021110-1307, USA.
 * --
 * o2fsck_check_extents(), the only function this file exports, is called
 * by pass 0 to verify the extent trees that hang off of inodes.
 * XXX
 *    test reasonable/dup block references
 *    fix up the i_ fields that depend on the extent trees
 *    this could be much more clever when it finds an extent block that is
 *    self-consistent but in a crazy part of the file system that would lead
 *    us to not trust it.  it should first try and follow the suballoc bits
 *    back to a possibly orphaned desc.  failing that it should record the
 *    reference/block and continue on.  once it has parsed the rest of eb and
 *    fleshed out the bits of the extent block allocators it could go back
 *    and allocate a new block and copy the orphan into it.
#include <string.h>
#include <inttypes.h>

#include "ocfs2.h"

#include "extent.h"
#include "fsck.h"
#include "problem.h"
#include "util.h"

static const char *whoami = "extent.c";

struct extent_info {
      uint64_t    ei_max_size;
      uint64_t    ei_clusters;
      uint64_t    ei_last_eb_blk;
      uint16_t    ei_expected_depth;
      unsigned    ei_expect_depth:1;

static errcode_t check_el(o2fsck_state *ost, struct extent_info *ei,
                    struct ocfs2_dinode *di,
                    struct ocfs2_extent_list *el,
                    uint16_t max_recs, int *changed);

static errcode_t check_eb(o2fsck_state *ost, struct extent_info *ei,
                    struct ocfs2_dinode *di, uint64_t blkno,
                    int *is_valid)
      int changed = 0;
      char *buf = NULL;
      struct ocfs2_extent_block *eb;
      errcode_t ret;

      /* XXX test that the block isn't already used */

      /* we only consider an extent block invalid if we were able to read 
       * it and it didn't have a extent block signature */ 
      *is_valid = 1;

      ret = ocfs2_malloc_block(ost->ost_fs->fs_io, &buf);
      if (ret) {
            com_err(whoami, ret, "while allocating a block-sized buffer "
                  "for an extent block");
            goto out;

      ret = ocfs2_read_extent_block_nocheck(ost->ost_fs, blkno, buf);
      if (ret) {
            com_err(whoami, ret, "reading extent block at %"PRIu64" in "
                  "inode %"PRIu64" for verification", blkno, 
            if (ret == OCFS2_ET_BAD_EXTENT_BLOCK_MAGIC)
                  *is_valid = 0;
            goto out;

      eb = (struct ocfs2_extent_block *)buf;

      if (eb->h_blkno != blkno &&
          prompt(ost, PY, PR_EB_BLKNO,
               "An extent block at %"PRIu64" in inode %"PRIu64" "
               "claims to be located at block %"PRIu64".  Update the "
               "extent block's location?", blkno, di->i_blkno,
               eb->h_blkno)) {
            eb->h_blkno = blkno;
            changed = 1;

      if (eb->h_fs_generation != ost->ost_fs_generation) {
            if (prompt(ost, PY, PR_EB_GEN,
                     "An extent block at %"PRIu64" in inode "
                     "%"PRIu64" has a generation of %x which doesn't "
                     "match the volume's generation of %x.  Consider "
                     "this extent block invalid?", blkno, di->i_blkno,
                     eb->h_fs_generation, ost->ost_fs_generation)) {

                  *is_valid = 0;
                  goto out;
            if (prompt(ost, PY, PR_EB_GEN_FIX,
                     "Update the extent block's generation to match the "
                     "volume?")) {

                  eb->h_fs_generation = ost->ost_fs_generation;
                  changed = 1;

      /* XXX worry about suballoc node/bit */
      /* XXX worry about next_leaf_blk */

      check_el(ost, ei, di, &eb->h_list,

      if (changed) {
            ret = ocfs2_write_extent_block(ost->ost_fs, blkno, buf);
            if (ret) {
                  com_err(whoami, ret, "while writing an updated extent "
                        "block at %"PRIu64" for inode %"PRIu64,
                        blkno, di->i_blkno);
                  goto out;

      if (buf)
      return 0;

/* the caller will check if er->e_blkno is out of range to determine if it
 * should try removing the record */
static errcode_t check_er(o2fsck_state *ost, struct extent_info *ei,
                    struct ocfs2_dinode *di,
                    struct ocfs2_extent_list *el,
                    struct ocfs2_extent_rec *er, int *changed)
      errcode_t ret = 0;
      uint64_t first_block;
      uint32_t last_cluster;

      verbosef("cpos %u clusters %u blkno %"PRIu64"\n", er->e_cpos,
             er->e_clusters, er->e_blkno);

      if (ocfs2_block_out_of_range(ost->ost_fs, er->e_blkno))
            goto out;

      if (el->l_tree_depth) {
            int is_valid = 0;
            /* we only expect a given depth when we descend to extent blocks
             * from a previous depth.  these start at 0 when the inode
             * is checked */
            ei->ei_expect_depth = 1;
            ei->ei_expected_depth = el->l_tree_depth - 1;
            check_eb(ost, ei, di, er->e_blkno, &is_valid);
            if (!is_valid && 
                prompt(ost, PY, PR_EXTENT_EB_INVALID,
                     "The extent record for cluster offset "
                     "%"PRIu32" in inode %"PRIu64" refers to an invalid "
                     "extent block at %"PRIu64".  Clear the reference "
                     "to this invalid block?", er->e_cpos, di->i_blkno,
                     er->e_blkno)) {

                  er->e_blkno = 0;
                  *changed = 1;
            ret = 0;
            goto out;

      first_block = ocfs2_blocks_to_clusters(ost->ost_fs, er->e_blkno);
      first_block = ocfs2_clusters_to_blocks(ost->ost_fs, first_block);

      if (first_block != er->e_blkno &&
          prompt(ost, PY, PR_EXTENT_BLKNO_UNALIGNED,
               "The extent record for cluster offset %"PRIu32" "
               "in inode %"PRIu64" refers to block %"PRIu64" which isn't "
               "aligned with the start of a cluster.  Point the extent "
               "record at block %"PRIu64" which starts this cluster?",
               er->e_cpos, di->i_blkno, er->e_blkno, first_block)) {

            er->e_blkno = first_block;
            *changed = 1;

      /* imagine blkno 0, 1 er_clusters.  last_cluster is 1 and 
       * fs_clusters is 1, which is ok.. */
      last_cluster = ocfs2_blocks_to_clusters(ost->ost_fs, er->e_blkno) +

      if (last_cluster > ost->ost_fs->fs_clusters &&
          prompt(ost, PY, PR_EXTENT_CLUSTERS_OVERRUN,
               "The extent record for cluster offset %"PRIu32" "
               "in inode %"PRIu64" refers to an extent that goes beyond "
               "the end of the volume.  Truncate the extent by %"PRIu32" "
               "clusters to fit it in the volume?", er->e_cpos, 
               di->i_blkno, last_cluster - ost->ost_fs->fs_clusters)) {

            er->e_clusters -= last_cluster - ost->ost_fs->fs_clusters;
            *changed = 1;
      /* XXX offer to remove leaf records with er_clusters set to 0? */

      /* XXX check that the blocks that are referenced aren't already 
       * used */

      return ret;

static errcode_t check_el(o2fsck_state *ost, struct extent_info *ei,
                    struct ocfs2_dinode *di,
                    struct ocfs2_extent_list *el,
                    uint16_t max_recs, int *changed)
      int trust_next_free = 1;
      struct ocfs2_extent_rec *er;
      uint64_t max_size;
      uint16_t i;
      size_t cpy;

      verbosef("depth %u count %u next_free %u\n", el->l_tree_depth,
             el->l_count, el->l_next_free_rec);

      if (ei->ei_expect_depth && 
          el->l_tree_depth != ei->ei_expected_depth &&
          prompt(ost, PY, PR_EXTENT_LIST_DEPTH,
               "Extent list in inode %"PRIu64" is recorded as "
               "being at depth %u but we expect it to be at depth %u. "
               "update the list?", di->i_blkno, el->l_tree_depth,
               ei->ei_expected_depth)) {

            el->l_tree_depth = ei->ei_expected_depth;
            *changed = 1;

      if (el->l_count > max_recs &&
          prompt(ost, PY, PR_EXTENT_LIST_COUNT,
               "Extent list in inode %"PRIu64" claims to have %u "
               "records, but the maximum is %u. Fix the list's count?",
               di->i_blkno, el->l_count, max_recs)) {

            el->l_count = max_recs;
            *changed = 1;

      if (max_recs > el->l_count)
            max_recs = el->l_count;

      if (el->l_next_free_rec > max_recs) {
            if (prompt(ost, PY, PR_EXTENT_LIST_FREE,
                     "Extent list in inode %"PRIu64" claims %u "
                     "as the next free chain record, but fsck believes "
                     "the largest valid value is %u.  Clamp the next "
                     "record value?", di->i_blkno, el->l_next_free_rec,
                     max_recs)) {

                  el->l_next_free_rec = el->l_count;
                  *changed = 1;
            } else {
                  trust_next_free = 0;

      if (trust_next_free)
            max_recs = el->l_next_free_rec;

      for (i = 0; i < max_recs; i++) {
            er = &el->l_recs[i];

            /* returns immediately if blkno is out of range.
             * descends into eb.  checks that data er doesn't
             * reference past the volume or anything crazy. */
            check_er(ost, ei, di, el, er, changed);

            /* offer to remove records that point to nowhere */
            if (ocfs2_block_out_of_range(ost->ost_fs, er->e_blkno) && 
                prompt(ost, PY, PR_EXTENT_BLKNO_RANGE,
                     "Extent record %u in inode %"PRIu64" "
                     "refers to a block that is out of range.  Remove "
                     "this record from the extent list?", i,
                     di->i_blkno)) {

                  if (!trust_next_free) {
                        printf("Can't remove the record becuase "
                               "next_free_rec hasn't been fixed\n");
                  cpy = (max_recs - i - 1) * sizeof(*er);
                  /* shift the remaining recs into this ones place */
                  if (cpy != 0) {
                        memcpy(er, er + 1, cpy);
                        memset(&el->l_recs[max_recs - 1], 0, 
                  *changed = 1;

            /* we've already accounted for the extent block as part of
             * the extent block chain groups */
            if (el->l_tree_depth)

            /* mark the data clusters as used */
                  ocfs2_blocks_to_clusters(ost->ost_fs, er->e_blkno),

            ei->ei_clusters += er->e_clusters;

            max_size = (er->e_cpos + er->e_clusters) <<
            if (max_size > ei->ei_max_size)
                  ei->ei_max_size = max_size;

      return 0;

errcode_t o2fsck_check_extents(o2fsck_state *ost,
                         struct ocfs2_dinode *di)
      errcode_t ret;
      struct extent_info ei = {0, };
      int changed = 0;
      ret = check_el(ost, &ei, di, &di->id2.i_list, 

      if (changed)
            o2fsck_write_inode(ost, di->i_blkno, di);

      return ret;

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