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 * blkidP.h - Internal interfaces for libblkid
 * Copyright (C) 2001 Andreas Dilger
 * Copyright (C) 2003 Theodore Ts'o
 * %Begin-Header%
 * This file may be redistributed under the terms of the
 * GNU Lesser General Public License.
 * %End-Header%


#include <sys/types.h>
#include <stdio.h>

#include <blkid/blkid.h>

#include <blkid/list.h>

#ifdef __GNUC__
#define __BLKID_ATTR(x) __attribute__(x)
#define __BLKID_ATTR(x)

 * This describes the attributes of a specific device.
 * We can traverse all of the tags by bid_tags (linking to the tag bit_names).
 * The bid_label and bid_uuid fields are shortcuts to the LABEL and UUID tag
 * values, if they exist.
struct blkid_struct_dev
      struct list_head  bid_devs;   /* All devices in the cache */
      struct list_head  bid_tags;   /* All tags for this device */
      blkid_cache       bid_cache;  /* Dev belongs to this cache */
      char              *bid_name;  /* Device inode pathname */
      char              *bid_type;  /* Preferred device TYPE */
      int               bid_pri;    /* Device priority */
      dev_t             bid_devno;  /* Device major/minor number */
      time_t                  bid_time;   /* Last update time of device */
      unsigned int            bid_flags;  /* Device status bitflags */
      char              *bid_label; /* Shortcut to device LABEL */
      char              *bid_uuid;  /* Shortcut to binary UUID */

#define BLKID_BID_FL_VERIFIED 0x0001      /* Device data validated from disk */
#define BLKID_BID_FL_INVALID  0x0004      /* Device is invalid */

 * Each tag defines a NAME=value pair for a particular device.  The tags
 * are linked via bit_names for a single device, so that traversing the
 * names list will get you a list of all tags associated with a device.
 * They are also linked via bit_values for all devices, so one can easily
 * search all tags with a given NAME for a specific value.
struct blkid_struct_tag
      struct list_head  bit_tags;   /* All tags for this device */
      struct list_head  bit_names;  /* All tags with given NAME */
      char              *bit_name;  /* NAME of tag (shared) */
      char              *bit_val;   /* value of tag */
      blkid_dev         bit_dev;    /* pointer to device */
typedef struct blkid_struct_tag *blkid_tag;

 * Minimum number of seconds between device probes, even when reading
 * from the cache.  This is to avoid re-probing all devices which were
 * just probed by another program that does not share the cache.
#define BLKID_PROBE_MIN       2

 * Time in seconds an entry remains verified in the in-memory cache
 * before being reverified (in case of long-running processes that
 * keep a cache in memory and continue to use it for a long time).

/* This describes an entire blkid cache file and probed devices.
 * We can traverse all of the found devices via bic_list.
 * We can traverse all of the tag types by bic_tags, which hold empty tags
 * for each tag type.  Those tags can be used as list_heads for iterating
 * through all devices with a specific tag type (e.g. LABEL).
struct blkid_struct_cache
      struct list_head  bic_devs;   /* List head of all devices */
      struct list_head  bic_tags;   /* List head of all tag types */
      time_t                  bic_time;   /* Last probe time */
      time_t                  bic_ftime;  /* Mod time of the cachefile */
      unsigned int            bic_flags;  /* Status flags of the cache */
      char              *bic_filename;    /* filename of cache */

#define BLKID_BIC_FL_PROBED   0x0002      /* We probed /proc/partition devices */
#define BLKID_BIC_FL_CHANGED  0x0004      /* Cache has changed from disk */

extern char *blkid_strdup(const char *s);
extern char *blkid_strndup(const char *s, const int length);

#define BLKID_CACHE_FILE "/etc/blkid.tab"
extern const char *blkid_devdirs[];

#define BLKID_ERR_IO     5
#define BLKID_ERR_PROC   9
#define BLKID_ERR_MEM   12
#define BLKID_ERR_CACHE 14
#define BLKID_ERR_DEV   19
#define BLKID_ERR_PARAM 22
#define BLKID_ERR_BIG   27

 * Priority settings for different types of devices
#define BLKID_PRI_EVMS  30
#define BLKID_PRI_LVM   20
#define BLKID_PRI_MD    10

#if defined(TEST_PROGRAM) && !defined(CONFIG_BLKID_DEBUG)

#define DEBUG_CACHE     0x0001
#define DEBUG_DUMP      0x0002
#define DEBUG_DEV 0x0004
#define DEBUG_DEVNAME   0x0008
#define DEBUG_DEVNO     0x0010
#define DEBUG_PROBE     0x0020
#define DEBUG_READ      0x0040
#define DEBUG_RESOLVE   0x0080
#define DEBUG_SAVE      0x0100
#define DEBUG_TAG 0x0200
#define DEBUG_INIT      0x8000
#define DEBUG_ALL 0xFFFF

#include <stdio.h>
extern int  blkid_debug_mask;
#define DBG(m,x)  if ((m) & blkid_debug_mask) x;
#define DBG(m,x)

static inline void DEB_DUMP_TAG(int mask, blkid_tag tag)
      if (!(mask & blkid_debug_mask))
      if (!tag) {
            printf("    tag: NULL\n");

      printf("    tag: %s=\"%s\"\n", tag->bit_name, tag->bit_val);

static inline void DEB_DUMP_DEV(int mask, blkid_dev dev)
      struct list_head *p;

      if (!(mask & blkid_debug_mask))
      if (!dev) {
            printf("  dev: NULL\n");

      printf("  dev: name = %s\n", dev->bid_name);
      printf("  dev: DEVNO=\"0x%0Lx\"\n", dev->bid_devno);
      printf("  dev: TIME=\"%lu\"\n", dev->bid_time);
      printf("  dev: PRI=\"%d\"\n", dev->bid_pri);
      printf("  dev: flags = 0x%08X\n", dev->bid_flags);

      list_for_each(p, &dev->bid_tags) {
            blkid_tag tag = list_entry(p, struct blkid_struct_tag, bit_tags);
            DEB_DUMP_TAG(mask, tag);

static inline void DEB_DUMP_CACHE(int mask, blkid_cache cache)
      struct list_head *p;

      if (!cache || !(mask & blkid_debug_mask)) {
            printf("cache: NULL\n");

      printf("cache: time = %lu\n", cache->bic_time);
      printf("cache: flags = 0x%08X\n", cache->bic_flags);

      list_for_each(p, &cache->bic_devs) {
            blkid_dev dev = list_entry(p, struct blkid_struct_dev, bid_devs);
            DEB_DUMP_DEV(mask, dev);
#define DEB_DUMP_TAG(mask, tag) do {} while (0)
#define DEB_DUMP_DEV(mask, dev) do {} while (0)
#define DEB_DUMP_CACHE(mask, cache) do {} while (0)

/* lseek.c */
extern blkid_loff_t blkid_llseek(int fd, blkid_loff_t offset, int whence);

/* read.c */
extern void blkid_read_cache(blkid_cache cache);

/* save.c */
extern int blkid_flush_cache(blkid_cache cache);

 * Functions to create and find a specific tag type: tag.c
extern void blkid_free_tag(blkid_tag tag);
extern blkid_tag blkid_find_tag_dev(blkid_dev dev, const char *type);
extern int blkid_set_tag(blkid_dev dev, const char *name,
                   const char *value, const int vlength);

 * Functions to create and find a specific tag type: dev.c
extern blkid_dev blkid_new_dev(void);
extern void blkid_free_dev(blkid_dev dev);

#ifdef __cplusplus

#endif /* _BLKID_BLKIDP_H */

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